Toronto Ballroom/Belly Dance Classes InstructorsJoanne’s passion for dance has been a lifelong physical and internal journey. Her extensive dance training started at the age of five in ballet, jazz and various modern dance techniques. In 1988 she left Canada to explore the vast cultures of the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jeddah, North West Africa and Egypt) where she had the opportunity to witness firsthand the haunting spiritual depth, historical mysteries, and vast unexplored potential of the art of ‘Raks Sharqi’ (dance of the stomach). In the early 90’s she continued her studies in India, Pakistan and Dubai exploring the subtle nuances of katach and baritnatium with world renowned teachers Partab Pawar, Naheed Sadeeki, and Sheema Kermani, while widening her scope and understanding of the delicate intricacies of modern and tribal fusion belly dance. Today she continues to create solo performances and original Middle Eastern inspired fusion dance pieces with her select troupe of dedicated students and Canadian composer Chris Hall.


In 2007 Joanne became the Founder and Artistic Director of
VIVACE STUDIOS – School of Visual and Performing Arts in Toronto,
where she teaches belly dance group and private classes and workshops.




Joanne Camilleri is the founder and Artistic Director of Vivace Studios.

Joanne is an accomplished performer whose
...passion for dance has been a life long journey. Her extensive dance training started at the age of 5 in ballet , jazz and different styles of modern dance techniques.

Joanne has worked with film groups across Canada and the US, as a performer and to instruct workshops, and has recently put out an instructional DVD in Belly Dancing.

Throughout her training Joanne has experienced many other forms of dance styles including Latin, flamenco, katach and baritnatium.

Joanne's passion continues to grow as her inspiration deepens through teaching the limitless shapes and sizes along with the vast differences in strengths and flexibilities and so are the many ways in which to articulate a movement.






  Jan.19, 2009 Film - Televison
Oct.-Dec., 2008 Workshop in Goderich
Sept. 12, 2008 Ukrainian Festival
Sept. 6, 2008 Junction Arts Festival
Sept. 6, 2008 Taste of the Kingsway
Aug.15, 2008 TV Show "Rich Bride Poor Bride"
June, 2008 Arts Festival King George P.S.
May 26, 2008 Vivace Studios Annual Spring Show
April 27, 2008 Dance in Dundas Square
Feb. 29, 2008 Canada's Wedding Expo

  Dec. 28, 2007 Vitanova Foundation
Sept. 7&8, 2007 Taste of the Kingsway
July 6, 2007 RCYC Summer Ball
June 10, 2007 Swansea Fun Fair
May 1, 2007 St. Pius X Literary Gala & Silent Auction

June 2006 Italy
June 2006 Consumer Protection Branch,
Ministry of Government Services
June 11, 2006 Holistic Health Retreat for Leukemia
and Lymphoma Society
May 16, 2006 I DO...Let's Eat

Sept. 13, 2005 Trattoria Vaticano, Film Ciruit Centre
Summer 2005 Malta -Weston Hotel, Bedouin Bar
June 3, 2005 Hunters' Glen Golf Club
May 13, 2005 Pacific Health Centre Party

Jan. 14 & 15. Women's Health Matters
Forum & Expo 2005
  Dec. 1, 2004 Sun media Corporation, C Lounge
Nov. 3, 2004 Sheraton Centre for the Supervised
Access Program, Ministry of the Attorney General
Jan. 2004 Polish Channel TV Show
Aug, 2004 TV Show "So Chic"
Aug. 2004 TV Show "A Perfect Christmas"

Nov. 13, 2003 Alliance Atlantis
Egyptian History TV Launch
Aug. 11, 2003 Mississauga Canada Day Celebration
Aug. 2003 Young TV
July, 2003 Performance Guelph, Ontario
Nov. 17, 1994 Famous People Players

Joanne performs regularly at the Sultans Tent located at 49 Front Street in Toronto