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Matina's love, sensitivity and passion for the arts started at an early age. This love grew and continued throughout her academic life and eventually culminated into receiving the art award for Top Art Student in each of her last three years.
After being accepted into York University's Fine Arts Program, Matina continued to develop her art skills and eventually launched her first business Loving Touches at the age of 22 in 1994. She spent the next 10 years working on her business and showed her versatility by delving into different aspects of the visual arts focusing on the creation of works which she had a deep passion and motivated her the most. Areas she focused on included refinishing and painting furniture, painting on marble and creating mosaiacs. Matina continues to reinvent herself by continuously exploring new areas of both visual and mixed media art.
Currently, Matina plays an active and integral role in the development of many ongoing creative projects at Vivace Studios School of Visual and Performing Arts. By spearheading and taking creative lead in such aspects as mask making, set design for film shoots and various multimedia product launches, her focus as always remains on creating excellence. Matina is also the resident Henna Artist who is responsible for applying body art to all dancers in the various yearly productions that take place both at the studio and offsite.




Only One of the oldest forms of body adornment. It can be for fun, or a way of connecting to our ancestors. Since the beginning of time, people all over the world have decorated their bodies. Body adornments have been found in the ancient artifacts of Crete, Greece, Persia, and Arabia and date back to 7000 years ago. these body scriptures have symbolized visions, journeys, battles, and love. Henna is temporary, safe and non-toxic. There is no pain, only an elated and pleasurable sensation.