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If you would like to book Joanne or a group of professional belly dancers to perform at a private or special event you are hosting please e-mail the booking manager at 

Please provide the following details and we will get back to you promptly with photos, bios and videos of the dancers that are available:

  • The date of your special event
  • The general dance or teaching start time requested
  • The name and address of the venue

Belly dancers are generally booked for a 20 - 30 minute dance set or we can provide a full evening of entertainment is that is your need.
** We can also provide dance entertainment for other dance forms such as Ballroom and Latin or Latin Fusion.

Dance Biography of Joanne Camilleri

Joanne’s passion for dance started at the age of five in ballet, jazz and various modern dance techniques. In 1988 she left Canada to explore the vast cultures of the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jeddah, North West Africa and Egypt) where she had the opportunity to witness firsthand the haunting spiritual depth and historical mysteries of the art of ‘Raks Sharqi’ (dance of the stomach).

In the early 90’s she continued her studies in India, Pakistan and Dubai exploring the subtle nuances of katach and baritnatium with world renowned teacher Partab Parawa, while widening her scope and understanding of the delicate intricacies of modern and tribal fusion belly dance choreography.

From California to Italy (including Malta - her beloved native homeland) and across North America she has inspired audiences with her own unique physical articulation of visually inspiring and uplifting dance performances. Today she lives in Toronto  with her three beautiful daughters continuing to teach and perform. 

Joanne is also the headlining dancer at The Sultans Tent located at 49 Front Street 3 nights a week. She is presently in rehearsal with her creative team and belly dance troupe to continue her workshop production of INANNA. Stay tuned for me performance details....she will be showcasing this work later in the summer of 2012 featuring all original choreography and original musical score by local composer Chris Hall. 

Joanne is the Founder and Artistic Director of Vivace Studios

If you would like to book Joanne to perform at a private or special event please e-mail the studio booking manager at Please indicated the date, general time and location of the venue and we will get back to you with further details. Belly dancers are generally booked for a 20 - 30 minute dance set.